Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom 

Your bathroom can make or break an impression from the guests, and making sure that it looks at its best is something that every homeowner needs to do. There are multiple ways on how homeowners do this. Some focused on the interior design, accessories, and the paint of the walls, others have renovations, while the rest focus on maintaining its cleanliness regardless of its interior design. There are many local companies and can offer you cleaning and remodeling services, such as the bathroom remodel Dayton OH. 

If you are wary about the cleanliness of your bathrooms, we are here to share with you a very comprehensive way of cleaning your bathroom. 

  1. Remove all the items from the bathroom

This is something that homeowners forget when they want to do some cleaning, and which is one important thing before you can potentially clean every surface in the bathroom. Remove all the items that you can see all at once before you start cleaning every area in your bathroom, whether this is a bathroom product, towel, rugs, etc., or items form the counters and put them outside your bathroom. This will make sure that you don’t miss out on any surface.  

  1. Remove some dirt by dusting and sweeping

If you are seeing some cobwebs on the corners, remove them. Once you are done, clean dust and some debris thoroughly by using a vacuum cleaner. 

3.Apply a cleaning solution to your shower and bathtub 

Pour some all-purpose cleaning solution to your shower and bathtub to remove the dirt that has been accumulated on the surface and on their drainage. You can also use some acid-base cleaning formula if you have some difficult stains and serious build-up on your tub or shower.  

4.Clean all surfaces 

Using the same cleaning solution, spray some to all surfaces including your blinds, baseboards, racks, shelves, windowsills, etc. After this, rinse with water and wipe with a cloth for finishing. Start from the top to the bottom and left to the right.  

  1. Do not forget the vanity area

Clean your sink, faucet, mirror, and countertops with the same cleaning solution before rinsing with water and wiping with a cloth. If you suspect some build-up inside the sink, use the acid-base cleaner and wait for some minutes. You can use a sponge to remove the stains on the sink, and glass cleaner for the mirror.  

6.Go to your toilet 

You can use the same method you use for the sink – pour some cleaning solution, wait for some minutes before brushing and scrubbing. Rinse with water and wipe down. There are many cleaning solutions you can use such as vinegar and baking soda that can help you remove difficult stains.  


7.Clean your floor 

The last thing you need to clean on your bathroom s your floor. There are many ways on how to clean it and the typical method is by mopping. You can also brush and scrub using some materials with your hand. We recommend that you let the cleaning solution sit for some minutes before scrubbing so you can easily remove the stains and dirt.